3D Rendering & Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization, aka 3d rendering, has become a hugely popular way to showcase development projects. It’s a powerful tool to have in the arsenal that enables builders and developers, renovators, to reduce build error significantly. It’s a staple of the industry and the best method of practice when it comes to modern-day presentation.

Our team of proven design experts makes sure there’s nothing short of flawless quality and seamless service. Either you are a realtor seeking to contract with us, or you own a house and need a team to upgrade its interior design, Serac Studios could be your best choice. We use state of the art hardware, the latest methods in Movie Industry to create realistic visualization and artistic films to answer the demanding real estate industry market.

3D Rendering

3D Modeling Rendering, 360

3D Animation

Camera Animation, Camera Fly Through


Filming, Editing, Compositing, Post Pro Visual Effects

Graphic Design

Brochure Design, Logo Design, Site Board, Flyer Design

Finding an affordable, reliable, 3D rendering media production service to showcase the project and create your high-end presentation can be a daunting task.

If you also like to have ultimate realism and receive ample customer support, you quickly notice that there’s a minimal number of companies that provide this specialized service. As a result, most clients usually end up switching in the middle of the project production between unreliable freelancers and small companies with limited resources.


Email us the plans / Drawings.
We accept JPEJ, AutoCAD
DRAFT, PDF and Sketchup file.
Specify number of
images and quality
We send you the
Approve the
qouote and send
us a deposit.
We create the D
model and send it
to you for review.
We move on to
assigning material,
and create a nd
Test render.
We move on to
Lighting and
create the rd
Test Render
Final test Render.
Post-processing and
beautifications will
be done
Final Bill will be sent
to the client to be
Delivery will be
digital download
from the cloud.

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