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Painting Kalachakra Mandala

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One of a kind

Artwork Size: 20" X 20"

(Frame Size 24" X 24")

Artwork: Precious & Semi-Precious Natural Minerals on Organic Cotton.

Frame : Intricate bold relief design in a dusty antiqued black Wood finish.

Kalachakra is the Sanskrit word for “Time wheel” and Mandala is a symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, representing the Universe. Kalachakra Mandala represents one of the most complex philosophies and meditation practices in Buddhism.

The Kalachakra mandala represents the wheel of our lives, and the time we have in in this world to make peace with ourselves. Mandalas hold spiritual and artistic Values and can bring up deeper human consciousness.This beautiful artwork also symbolizes both individual and universal peace and meditating in front of it helps to restore physical and mental balance.

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