Hi-Fi Product Rendering

BHK Signature 300 Amplifier


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Cityscape Realistic Renderings

Commercial Concept Design


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Red Pine Residence


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Explorer 62 Courtesy of ER Yacht Design

Yacht Exterior Rendering


The stunning and unique design is the work of a professional and seasoned naval architect, Ivan Erdevicki. We did the rendering and water simulation for this project. As per designer notes, we had to showcase the unique shape of the hull. With the emphasis on the extremely rare and artistic contours. The reaction of the seawater to the ship hull is nothing short of ultra-realistic. We were utilizing a state of the art ocean simulator within the 3D rendering software.

Cambridge Business Centre

Light Industrial Design Business Centre in Surrey, BC


The project scope is composed of the interior design of the elevator lobby, hallway, bathroom, and loft area. A combination of wood panels, glass railings, and stainless has been implemented in the plan to achieve a modern look in a light industrial building. We also introduced the concept of vertical linear shape luminaire to distribute the light over a narrow space. We did a Landscaping along the hallway to feel a lively and fresh feeling.

Watkins Complex

Residential and Community Development Mission, BC


A residential community development complex is composed of single dwelling units, home care facility, recreation, playground, function hall and commercial space. The adoption of open space planning to maximize a sense of spaciousness. The placement of the structures around the complex reflects the spirit of connection and maintain a community relationship. The 3D rendering shows trails passing through the park-like area with terrain features for walking, jogging and other activities.

Dental Office

Dental office in Vancouver, BC


As an interior design specialist, we consider the characteristics of a place plus the functionality and practicalness. That’s why we introduced bright green colours with ergonomic furniture are the keys to therapeutic. Adapting glass walls brings a wideness feeling and a relaxed mind once you get inside the clinic. White walls contribute to the open space concept. We believe the key feature of this project is the landscape wall because nature brings natural healing.

Sea Breeze

Case study – A Mediterranean Vacation home


The Idea came out working closely with people who are fans of sailing and boating. The cliff house meant to be accessible only by the sea; hence the use of the vessel or boat is imperative to live offshore.

The Loft

Residential Interior concept Dubai -UAE


Carrara Marble Flooring, Designer coffee table, Zonca Chandelier, Bespoke hand weaved silk carpet, Hamilton sofa, and the list goes on and on. Items on this particular project reflect some of the clients’ favorite décor pieces.

Islander Villa

Concept Design Development -The World islands – UAE


Private island escape is an open plan, glasshouse in two-story. The bridges connecting the upper limits of the building to the surrounded lush tropical landscape are the practical piece of the design. Water features are unusual. The upper pool is undoubtedly one of the prominent features of the plan. The notion of being able to walk from the living room into the pool is super intriguing.

Mountain Resort

Luxury Interior Concept – Whistler, BC


This sleek staircase creates a fluid and inviting way up and an elegant foyer down below. For most, It’s all about great lighting. LED stripes integrated into the body of the staircase, mimics the warmth of the sun, natural light from outside and sharp cove lights integrated along the ceiling rails make it a lighting feast for the enthusiasts.

Case Study – Evolution Tower Exterior

Residential and Commercial Tower 3d Rendering


Trade Center Tower is located in Moscow, Russia. The twisting design structure is the main feature of the structure. We want to achieve strength and stability look with a combination of glass walls and structural wood components at the canopy roof trailing down to the tower lobby. The uniqueness of the project has also been achieved by creating different forms of the structural members and some featured in the lobby area. Also by putting this Avant Gard design in the more of a North American setup gave this study more allure.

Evolution Tower Podium & Lobby

Commercial Concept Design


In this 3d rendering, we’re showcasing a different approach to interiors than the original design of the evolution tower. It had to match the style and magnificent curvature of the outer shell. The large podium below the freestanding ceiling structure can host a large crow and also allowing a high flow of foot traffic passage and flow.

Manhattan Office

Commercial Interior Design

 Mastery of the Arc

Movie Industry Quality 3d rendering


This scene is the story of the old and new and the balance in between. Our goal was to showcases our ability to blend both modern structure and the classical elements in an ultra-realistic film setup that can beat reality. The Arc is a four-way open cube structure made of prefabricated panels protecting the Sculpture monument in the middle. The sculpture 3d model is a high-resolution 16K digital scan of the Mastery of the Sea by Edmund Hellmer 1897 in Hofburg Palace, Vienna.

Product 3d Rendering

A remake of Essex armchair By BRABBU design


If We can see it, we can create it. The 3d model was created and surfaced in Autodesk Maya, only by looking at a picture reference of the piece. It was lighted and rendered in Vray and then composited In NukeX. For those who are new to computer graphics, Our process is one of the most reliable and professional workflows a studio can adapt. We invite you to behold reality.

LA Living

Deck, Pool & Living room Interior design concept


A modern contemporary architecture design. We wanted a subtle taste of a modern look to achieve for our client needs. Beige wall colors bring a little warm feeling as adapt to the weather and environment.

Tower Render


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